Mental Health and A Stay at Home Order

How are we all holding up? It would seem that some of us have transitioned better than others, specifically those more well acquainted with online lifestyles. Many have used this time to focus on their mental and physical health. Others have used it to indulge on a less chaotic daily lifestyle or maybe even boost their careers. And the paranoid remained paranoid, giving us a classic source of entertainment on iFunny or Reddit.

However, some of us are not holding up simply due to total lack of socialization. It is no joke that human interaction is a necessity for mankind and not all of us were lucky to quarantine with our family, significant other or friends.

I chose 2020 to be the year I make my dreams come true and prior to this outbreak and I signed a lease to my East Coast apartment. I moved across the country on March 1st and within weeks everything shut down around me and it has left me feeling isolated and regretful. As if I could have known that this would happen, I would have rather prolonged this move than be submerged in total seclusion. While that may sound dramatic because we are all experiencing a sense of loneliness at the moment, imagine being in the middle of a quarantine and all you have to talk to all day is a cat because there is no option to meet people. Imagine being dodged in the streets in honor of our social distancing when all you need is a literal person to speak to you and not just to tell you your total for groceries.

I can tell you that it really sucks.

Fortunately, the company I worked for had allowed me to work remote prior to moving and that has allowed stability in my life. I couldn’t imagine moving and all of a sudden losing my job along with a shut down.

All misfortune aside, I have spent the last 6 weeks trying to keep my spirits up. And not just having some mental mantra or looking to media to inspire me, but finding ways to be true to myself. To anyone else struggling with their mental health, isolation and staying positive I really hope this helps you. And this goes for every day of every year, not just a quarantine because I know a lot of people of different back grounds struggle with this on a daily basis.

I started by editing photographs. Photography is my first love, it always made me feel peaceful and placed me in almost a meditative state. As a nature and travel photographer, I don’t have much for new content. However, editing photographs is no different of a feeling. You still have to focus on the minute details of the picture in relation to the whole photograph. It has been a great way to re-live travels of the past, inspire me for travels of the future and provide content for my blog! It runs the gamut.

My next goal was to stay active. I am by no means a true BBG fit girl, but I love to move and be on my feet. I bought my guides 5 years ago and have never regretted this purchase. If you are ever without a gym whether because you are on vacation, don’t have total access to a gym or are currently under a Stay at Home order you might want to check it out! Even just 7 minutes of being active when you wake up can boost those endorphins enough to get you through your day. And when that fails, go for a walk. I take one every single morning to get in that fresh air.

Lastly, I wanted to surround myself with things that didn’t produce doubt or further sadness. So, alcohol had to go. Drinking alone is always a slippery slope. Often, I prefer to edit photographs or read with a glass of wine or beer and I never thought anything else of it. However, when your not already feeling sad a glass or two every night tends to just be relaxing. Though when you are feeling down… Well, I encourage you to put it aside.

What it all comes down to is that we have been handed an opportunity we might not really get again. Take that as you will, but we have had one month, been given another month and will undoubtedly be give ANOTHER month to sit in self reflection. Where do you want to be when this quarantine is over? It is clear that no one is safe from a total shut down, so let me leave you with this question: what would you rather be doing?

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